An overview of the
current data from PsoProtectMe

Current Data

We are committed to sharing data and are delighted to provide open access to summary information from PsoProtectMe. These data are preliminary and include a limited number of participants, so should not be used to inform clinical decision making.

Click here to read our recently published scientific research paper detailing PsoProtect data. A summary of this research can be found on the Psoriasis Association website here.

We have recently published another scientific research paper detailing shielding behaviour, which can be found here. A summary of this research can also be found on the Psoriasis Association website here.

PsoProtectMe surveys completed

Summary data from PsoProtectMe’s first 3660 participants.

Participants per country (≥10 participants):

Country Participants Country Participants
Argentina 79 Norway 16
Australia 36 Panama 11
Brazil 17 Peru 16
Canada 50 Philippines 56
Chile 212 Poland 59
Denmark 51 Portugal 203
Greece 11 Singapore 12
Hong Kong 18 Spain 71
India 27 Sweden 39
Ireland 57 United Kingdom 2052
Italy 29 United States 254
Japan 96 Other (<10) 163
Netherlands 24

Average age: 46 years (range 3-91)

Average BMI: 26.8 kg/m2

Type of psoriasis: 3071 plaque psoriasis, 781 guttate psoriasis, 204 pustular psoriasis, 74 erythrodema


Smoking status:

Coexisting psoriatic arthritis:

Type of psoriasis treatment:

Psoriasis severity change during the pandemic:

Have you been diagnosed with or thought you had COVID-19?

Did you go to hospital A&E due to your COVID-19?

Did you stay in hospital due to your COVID-19?

Has your COVID-19 infection got better?